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When is the next potluck and what are the details?





Brooklyn Raw Food Potlucks


There will be no Brooklyn Raw Food Potluck until further notice.

Fortunately there are lots of other events going on around the city. Many of them are announced on the Live-Food-NewYork Yahoo group, others are announced on the Accent on Wellness e-mail list.

On another note, I am working on a second short video in the same genre as the "How to Open a Coconut" video. The new video should be edited by the end of the year, thanks to the help of my brother. I will send an announcement to the live-food community e-mail list when it is done and hosted.

I hope to see many of you in person at the various events around the city or perhaps on-line on the Live-Food-NewYork Yahoo group

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To see pictures from past events, visit the past events page.

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If you have any questions send us an email.

Stay Lively!,

The Brooklyn Raw Food Potlucks Team